The Deadly Liver Mob program was conceived and developed by Felicity Sheaves and Louise Maher with the support of Elizabeth O’Neil and the Aboriginal Sexual Health Advisory Group (ASHPAG) of the Western Sydney and Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health Districts. It was first implemented in Mt Druitt by Aboriginal Health Workers Kerri-Anne Smith and David Webb with the support of the NSP & Sexual Health Teams.


The Deadly Liver Mob pilot evaluation was funded by NSW Ministry of Health and the Western Sydney and Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health Districts.

The evaluation of the NSW roll-out of Deadly Liver Mob was supported by a NHMRC Partnership Grant with partner funding from NSW Ministry of Health. In-kind support was provided by the hosting Local Health Districts: Western Sydney, Nepean Blue Mountains, Western NSW, Far West NSW, North Coast, Mid North Coast, Sydney.

Implementation Toolkit

This toolkit was written by Carla Treloar and Elena Cama drawing on the materials and experience of the Deadly Liver Mob teams. Thanks to Kasey Martin for assistance. This online version of the toolkit drew upon an earlier version which was supported via funding from NSW Ministry of Health and with the experience and wisdom of the Western Sydney Local Health District Deadly Liver Mob team – Louise Maher, Felicity Sheaves, Kerrie-Anne Smith and David Webb. The website was created by The Design Embassy using designs by Emma Hicks and photography from Jamie James with cultural mentorship provided by Aunty Clair Jackson.

Deadly Liver Mob teams


Carla Treloar
James Ward
John de Wit
Basil Donovan

Associate Investigators:

Kerri-Anne Smith
Felicity Sheaves
Louise Maher
Jennifer Heslop
Victor Tawil (left position)
Jo Mitchell (left position)
Catriona Ooi (left position)
Elizabeth O’Neil (passed away)
Colette McGrath (left position)
Angela Parker (left position)
Ashley Ubrihien (left position)

Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW Sydney:

Elena Cama
Melinda Walker
Kim Beadman
Mitchell Beadman
Max Hopwood
Aunty Clair Jackson
Lise Lafferty
Kerryn Drysdale

Western Sydney Local Health District:

Kerri-Anne Smith
Peter Emeana
Donna Tilley
Kate Pearce
Jade Lane (left position)

Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District:

Felicity Sheaves
Julie Page
Louise Maher
Jade Christian
Brian Doyle (left position)
James Vernon (left position)

Mid North Coast and Northern NSW Local Health Districts:

Jennifer Heslop
Estelle Wade (left position)
Larissa Smyth
Franklin John-Leader
Alex Walker
Ruth Phillips

Western NSW and Far West NSW Local Health Districts:

Ann Ryan
Kim Grant
Trevor Slattery
Jo Lenton
Andrew Walden
Clayton Anderson
Beverley Tyson
Syl Phillips-Ayre (left position)
Stevie Kemp (left position)

South East Sydney Local Health District:

Gary Gahan
Wendy Machin
Chris Kerr
Rosie Gilliver
Cathy Kostovski (left position)
Michelle Ellis (left position)
Phil Read

NSW Ministry of Health:

Victor Tawil (left position)
Brenda Currie (left position)
Tim Duck (left position)
Annabelle Stevens
Colleen Smyth


Sallie Cairnduff (left position)
Bonny Briggs (left position)

Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney

Denton Callander (left position)
Tobias Vickers
Lucy Watchirs Smith