Community consultation

A key principle of work with Aboriginal communities is consultation. The Aboriginal advisory structure within health systems should be consulted to advise on the program.

Another key stakeholder for the Deadly Liver Mob program is the relevant Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS). Consultation should also occur with this service. The extent of ACCHS involvement may depend on whether this service offers Needle and Syringe Programs (NSP) and/or sexual health services. It is important that the Deadly Liver Mob program and mainstream health services be presented as an additional choice for Aboriginal clients. Consultations with the ACCHS should also focus on appropriate referral pathways between ACCHS and mainstream services. Consultation with the Aboriginal community in the area, in particular, with Elders, is a key aspect of this consultation.

‘I think it’s important to talk to the Elders in people’s area to find out what the culture is, whether it’s urbanized, whether it’s traditional … to understand what marks of respect and culturally appropriate steps to take with that client group.'

Staff Member