Aims of evaluation

We aim to support health services to plan, implement and evaluate the Deadly Liver Mob program in their own site. We recognise that services have limited capacity to undertake evaluation. This section of the toolkit provides some practical ways in which information can be used to examine the operations of the program primarily using routinely collected data.

In evaluating the existing Deadly Liver Mob sites, we worked with a team of researchers. However, this evaluation aimed to rely as much as possible on routinely collected data to ‘mimic’ what might be possible in real life scenarios.

Any evaluation whether conducted by a service or if conducted by an external agency should adhere to standard ethical principles. Health services must comply with standards relating to client privacy. Further, evaluations of Deadly Liver Mob sites must also consider the confidentiality and privacy of staff.

‘Well I guess we need to demonstrate that Deadly Liver Mob works and it’s a really good model and that is a starting point. I guess evaluations are really important because that shows we are accessing very marginalised clients or people and giving them really good care. I mean that needs to be demonstrated and it already has been, but that is the starting block and then I guess, we need to work with partners to ensure that people see the value in that. Sometimes it’s down to individuals and organisations or whole organisations or NSW Health to understand that.’

Staff Member