Evaluation of new Deadly Liver Mob sites

Sites which implement the Deadly Liver Mob program may not have the resources to undertake a full evaluation. Below, we have provided recommendations on what sites could do within existing resources.

Deadly Liver Mob intake card

This is a necessary part of the program to assess eligibility for participation and to monitor the distribution of incentive vouchers. Further, the information recorded on the card may be used to assist sexual health services to follow-up with clients (this would occur without specific clinical data being shared; only that the sexual health clinic would like to see the client).

As above, the Deadly Liver Mob intake card can be used to display information about coverage and reach, the cascade of care and risk factors of those attending. Links are provided to a sample spreadsheet and to a range of tables to display this information on the resources page.

The design of this form should be matched to the aims of a program and the systems available to manage this information.

Sexual health data

The usefulness of sexual health data is dependent on the addition of a new code to identify Deadly Liver Mob clients. This may not be feasible as it requires all staff to add this code and use it consistently to produce data of sufficient completeness and quality to be useful.

Information from staff and clients regarding Deadly Liver Mob success and areas for development

An alternative may be a system akin to the ‘issues register’, which allows de-identified information to be collected as issues are identified. An issues register can be used to compile, categorise and track issues related to the implementation and evaluation of the Deadly Liver Mob program. Issues should be recorded regularly and categorised by their type (e.g. workforce, security, data/information systems, patient population) and the severity of their impact on implementation and/or the evaluation of any new Deadly Liver Mob sites. These issues can then be discussed by the team managing the program to address and resolve where possible. An issues register template is provided on the resources page.

Evaluation of new Deadly Liver Mob sites